major/currently interested . casual/not majorly interested . not finished/not up to datetry not to support itprotective of it


ART (especially Digital Art) MOGAI / LIOM / LGBTQIA+ Labeling & Flags, especially Microlabels Pet Care Psychology Sociocultural Anthropology FNAF & Various Fan-Meda Half-Life VR but the AI is Self-Aware / Half-Life Alyx but the Gnome is Too Aware / Other RTVS Projects, especially improvised machinima projects Sonic Series Splatoon (we have 2+3 and love 2 play w/ others!)


Educational True Crime (not a tcc weirdo) RATS Cats DC Media (mostly Batman) Marvel Media (Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Venom, Loki) Horror, especially Slashers "Identity Politics"


Arkham Asylum Lego Batman Batman: The Telltale Series Half-Life Portal Pokemon Animal Crossing Chu♥lip Minecraft Yume Nikki Error143 Needy Streamer Overload TF2 (suck at the game but we enjoy fan content) OFF Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger Deltarune Puyo Puyo vs Dave & Bambi Pikmin Cult of The Lamb Cookie Clicker Amanda the Adventurer The Stanley Parable Some Mario Series ( Mostly Luigi's Mansion ) Kirby Series ( Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, Kirby's Epic Yarn ) Skyrim Hypnospace Outlaw Psychonauts Pizza Tower Dead Plate


Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (Web & TV) The Mandela Catalogue Breaking Bad Camp Here and There JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Komi Can't Communicate Serial Experiments Lain School-Live Parasyte Death Note Sonic X Sonic Prime Gotham Generation Loss Laceygames / Lacey's Flash Games Angel Hare Freeman's Mind


The Batman (2022) Sonic The Hedgehog (Paramount) The Killing Joke The Lego Batman Movie Lego DC Batman: Family Matters Willard (1971) + (2003) The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original Timeline my Beloved btu all the movies r fine) Scream Friday the 13th Halloween A Nightmare on Elm Street Black Christmas (all three lol) American Psycho (2000)


RadioTV Solutions Jarvis Johnson SnapCube Kurtis Conner Jerma985 ethan is online Jordan Adika D'Angelo Wallace Markiplier The Drawfee Show No Rolls Barred Annamarie Forcino Evan & Katelyn ManlyBadassHero Eleanor Neale elliotisweird_ RanbooLive DougDoug Dawko AstralSpiff Oakwyrm BlackBean CMS F.D. Signifier NileRed / NileBlue


Agent 8 Bubba Sawyer Jason Voorhees Oswald CobblepotJohnny Joestar Two-Face Shadow the Hedgehog Luigi Furbys (as a species) Luke Triton Chop Top & Nubbins Sawyer

FICTIONAL OTHERS ( ? ) "Archangel Gabriel" Glitchy Red HLVRAI!Gordon Gordon Freeman Spider-Punk (+) Jeff the Killer (Fanon) f/os are inherently comfort characters as well!

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