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lovewired sys *★. check front prns omni-gay tmasc boygirl aplatonic polyam punk queer satanists bodily Ξ sixteen white assumed perisex & ablebodied disabled Ξ autistic adhd episodic delusional ?

links , ints , urls , sphy , prnscc , artblr , flagblr , th , secrt.shre , rtrsprng , site

dni Ξ pro ship (trauma reasons) Ξ 'anti-para' or demonize paraphiliacs Ξ syscourse (anti/neu lean) Ξ r-slur users Ξ bodily 12 and under Ξ queer exclus Ξ minors who call themselves anti kink/fetish

byi Ξ misspell a lot Ξ unintentional tone tag overuse Ξ emotionally hypersensitive w/ attachment issues Ξ bad with responding Ξ socially anxious Ξ do not indirect Ξ freq vents and rants Ξ always iwc

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